Fabulous Beasts

All artwork by Primary School students. Animated by me.

These animated sequences were made and presented as night projections around the city of Horsham, Victoria for the Art Is... Layers of Time Festival in 2016. The project features animals from the Wimmera Region who are endangered or extinct, and was accompanied by recorded stories form locals about their memories or knowledge of the "beasts".

During the Festival a passer-by may have seen a Pig-Footed Bandicoot scooting across a brick wall or a Platypus swimming on the Wimmera River. Maybe some people saw two Australian Bustards strolling through the long grass on the river bank or a Toolache Wallaby nervously looking around the Horsham Town Hall car park? They were elusive and mysterious and it was a wonderful project to be involved in.
I was part of a team of creatives led by Natimuk based artist Mary French, animating the sequences using drawings from primary school students from Dimboola, Horsham, Natimuk and Haven. I worked alongside filmmaker/playwright/writer Tracey Rigney facillitating a two-day workshop at the Horsham Town Hall where the students learned about the various creatures and created all artwork.
I love animating students work. Their drawings are just gorgeous and have so much personality to bring to life. I also love the challenge of making them move realistically when I often have only one 2D image to work with.

Fabulous Beasts will be on exhibition at the Horsham Regional Art Gallery from April 22 - June 11 2017.